Friday, January 23, 2009

RYI Short Courses Spring 2009

Four Stakes that Bind the Life Force by Patrul Rinpoche
March 9-20 (Monday to Friday)

The Four Stakes that Bind the Life-Force is Patrul Rinpoche‘s explanation on one of the core concepts found in the development stage literature of the Nyingma tradition. Despite its condensed nature, this treatise addresses all aspects of the development stage, distilling the key points of this difficult subject into four main points, or “stakes,” that capture the essence of this stage of practice. Although the “four stakes” concept presented here is unique to the Nyingma School, in terms of content, Patrul‘s explanation is relevant to all forms of development stage meditation.

Seven Points of Mind Training by Langri Tangpa
March 30 - April 10 (Monday to Friday)

The Seven Points of Mind Training is one of the earliest and most beautiful Tibetan teachings on the practice of mind training. In seven pithy pieces of advice, this text shows how to transform ordinary samsaric experience into the heroic way of awakening of the bodhisattva. This classic teaching of the Great Vehicle has been a cherished instruction at the heart of Tibetan Buddhism for many centuries, inspiring practitioners to the actualization of compassion and wisdom.

All courses will be offered at the Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery, 
Kathmandu, Nepal, and translated into English.

Registration for All Courses should be done in person at the RYI office 
in the Monastery during the week before the start of the course in question.

International – 1,000 NRs.
Local – 500 NRs.

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